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All For Jesus Regional Prayer

Global House of Prayer is partnering with the All For Jesus (A4J) Prayer Network to provide regional prayer covering. Toward this end, we are providing a listing of all churches and prayer groups in the A4J Network on our prayer calendar.


To sign up your Hampton Roads Prayer Meeting, please visit this site ALL FOR JESUS.


March – April Prayer Points


* Pray that the sheep will go after the lost because the harvest fields are ready

* Pray that the churches of the Lord will stand united

* Give thanks to God that churches have stood strong against the trial of COVID-19

* Pray against the surge of COVID-19 and any mutations of the virus 

* Pray against the spirits of perversion and compromise

* Pray for salvation for the younger generation    

* Pray against the division in America 

* Pray that the Holy Spirit will cover the earth and that there will be a mighty move of      God 

* Pray for financial prosperity in our churches and the households of the people of God 

* Pray against all forms of witchcraft attacking the Church and the Body of Christ


*Please be committed to your time of prayer*

(Your prayer time does not have to be a full hour. You can pray for as little or as long as you like; as long as we are praying on one accord)

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