Global House of Prayer

Board of Advisors

Below are the members of the Board of Advisors of the Tidewater House of Prayer, which has now merged with Global House of Prayer.


Pastor Miguel Dabul
Pastor Russell Evenson
Pastor John Dooley
Apostle Barbara Williams
Dr. Grace Milo
Dr. Ramon Moran
Rev. Juan Gonzalez
Rev. Marcia Kinslow
Rev. Harry Millspaugh
Intercessor Pauline McWain
Dr. Dwight McDowell
Rev. Ken Gerry
Rev. Mikhael Ashiko
Rev. Leroy  Hardy
Pastor/Police Officer Donny Small
Prophetess Vernell Fitzgerald
Missionaries Norman & Debbie Pryzbilski
Apostle Audrey Newell

Dr. Chris Cunnigham

Pastor Neverett Yarbeaugh
Apostle Markita Smith
Apostle Jacinta Walker
Chaplain Ed Bass


Global House of Prayer

Global House of Prayer is currently housed  at:

Global Outreach Church

333 Edwin Drive,

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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