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Pastors Gather @ GHOP to Pray about Revival In Hampton Roads

A number of pastors in the Hampton Roads have begun to meet monthly as they believe

God is preparing a huge revival that will sweep across Hampton Roads, America and probably all over the world in the next 12-18 months. Several local groups of pastors like The Jesus Only coalition, the Tidewater House of Prayer and the One Voice group have been praying for revival for some time now. 

Obviously, we could be wrong on the timing of the revival but not on the certainty of heaven-sent revival coming here. It’s coming, ready or not!  We would like to be ready. That’s what these meetings are about. 

The next meeting is set for Wednesday, January 9th at 12:00 noon. If you agree, please consider joining us to pray for the Lord’s direction on how we all can work together in some way during the coming revival in Hampton Roads.  Most of us pastor smaller churches and we want to collaborate during revival so we do not burn out our church workers and so we can bring in a larger harvest for the Lord!  Churches of all sizes are welcome, of course. 

This is a one hour prayer meeting with no preaching, organizational planning or money involved. Towards the end of the hour, we can share what we sense from the Lord so far. We are confident that if we seek His Face fervently and wait on Him patiently, He will show us how we can jointly be good stewards of the coming revival!  There may be 12-15 pastors there. This is only our third meeting.  Pastor Bob Fox

Pastors in the Revival Alliance of Hampton Roads gather monthly to pray about revival in Hampton Roads

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