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Tidewater House of Prayer Closes its doors after 12 years.

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

The Vision Continues...

A prayer meeting at the former Tidewater House of Prayer

In July 2018, the former facilities of the Tidewater House of Prayer were sold to developers. As a result, THOP closed its doors after 12 years of consistent ministry. While on the surface, it seems like a negative, THOP has achieved much during its ministry of prayer in the region. The following is a note from Pastor Miguel Dabul summarizing the activities of the Tidewater House of Prayer.

Much Beloved Board Members. Greetings in Yeshua our precious Lord and Savior Who's Restoring the Tabernacle of David in our Generation, Greetings:

A Summary of the Lord’s Blessing with the Tidewater House of Prayer

Here is a quick summary concerning all that was accomplished in the past 12 years since the House of Prayer was opened:

1) The format for a House of Prayer with the Regional Vision according to the Word of the Lord the past 40 years was conducted in the neutral location at 5441 Virginia Beach Blvd. Suite #114.

2) At one time for a couple of years we had filled between 50-60 hours a week!

3) During the Franklin Graham Festival in 2007 our beloved Board Members Norman and Debbie pursued a 24/7 for a month as we were doing the Prayer Committees for two major events WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF EACH OTHER THAT YEAR! We could say that the month was covered by intercessors on site excepting for a couple of hours early morning!

a) Franklin Graham Festival 2007 which drew 523 participating churches

b) 400th ANNIVERSARY REDEDICATION OF OUR NATION at the shores of Virginia Beach which drew thousands of people and major Christian leaders from throughout the Nation.

4) Major God-loving key churches in the area repeatedly opened their doors to us where we sought the Lord, loved Him, and invited Him to dwell in fullness in our area.

5) Intercession was made seeking God’s purpose for the Area, its prophetic destiny, Loving God, John 17 Unity of the Body, and against terrorism (repeatedly reported by the Media and state and local governments that this area was a ‘prime target’), and potential hurricanes (we called an all-day prayer event against a Category 3 and going into 4 heading straight to our area. God showed us the principality over the East Coast was the problem (within a week there was an earthquake from Surry to New Jersey and the threat of a destructive hurricane) – many of our Board Members were there! We took authority, broke the yoke, cast it down. By the time it arrived it had turned into a mild tropical storm! (The weather people could not explain what had happened! PTL!).

6) God has used all of us in different capacities – we make a great team! Specifically, at this time our friend and brother, Dr. Chris Cunningham, has offered to facilitate his Church’s facility right across the street from Mt. Trashmore in order to house our Tidewater House of Prayer and Tidewater Regional Prayer Network.

At a meeting of the Board of Directors, motion was made, discussion was opened, and it was unanimously approved by the Board Members present to transition into the very attractive location with Dr. Chris Cunningham at 333 Edwin Dr. in Virginia.

Our thanks also to Pastor John Dooley, as we formed the Tidewater Regional Prayer Network initially under his ministry. And, thanks, again, to our Board. We have built lasting friendships and a pattern of supporting each other’s ministries. Also, thanks to our Landlord, the Byler family, for being so gracious with us all these years.


Your servant and co-laborer in intercession,

Miguel Dabul

President—Tidewater House of Prayer/Tidewater Regional Prayer Network

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