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THOP Relaunches @ GHOP

First meeting of THOP at GHOP. About 10 intercessors representing 6 congregations were on hand for a "soft launch" of THOP at its new home.

Monday, October 1, Virginia Beach

After taking the summer to pray and reconfigure after closing its doors to its facilities on Virginia Beach Blvd. The Tidewater House of Prayer had its first meeting on October 1 at Global House of Prayer. About ten individuals representing six congregations were on hand for the relaunch, which was only advertised among the Board of Directors of the ministry.

The meeting opened with worship then a time of soaking prayer in God's presence (sitting quietly while Christian music played) A short message of encouragement was given about how God's love can transform. After this, Pastor Miguel led a time of prayer for individuals and healing. Several prophetic words for the nation were given.

Pastor Miguel and others at the meeting expressed their belief that God has given them the witness at this meeting that they are in the right place at this time. Meetings for the house of prayer will be each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

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